Initial evaluation 

In a distressing incident, a 3-year and 10-month-old child encountered a significant injury. While playing, he fell down from the sofa and suffered a deep cut in the right eyebrow. At that time, his mother immediately rushed him to the AMRI hospital at Mukundapur.

Upon reaching, the emergency doctors at AMRI Hospital quickly attended to the child and gave him the basic treatment. However, the medical team confirmed the necessity of a cosmetic repair to close the wound as the cut was deep and severe. 

In such a critical situation, the child was brought to Dr. Anirban Ghosh for the necessary care. 


With utmost expertise and empathy, Dr. Anirban Ghosh began the treatment. During the whole procedure, Dr. Anirban was extremely compassionate and  extended his support to the mother, assuring that her child will be totally alright following the procedure. 

Doctor Anirban Ghosh was exceptionally professional and dedicated in his approach. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Ghosh prioritized the patient’s comfort, taking great care to minimize any additional pain or potential complications.


Dr. Anirban operated on the child and closed the wound. Moreover, the scar after the cosmetic repair was almost negligible. The child is currently under his supervision for preventive care and effective recovery. 

The mother was sincerely thankful to Dr. Anirban Ghosh for the way he treated her child and the empathy he showed during the whole procedure. 

This was one of the critical emergency situations where Dr. Anirban, one of the best plastic surgeons in Kolkata showed his compassion and expertise in treating a 3-year and 10-month-old child. 

Patient Review

My son, Adwit, 3yr 10 months Old fell down from sofa while playing at home on 1st March 2023 and got a deep cut on right eyebrow. I rushed to AMRI, Mukundpur for emergency treatment and the emergency doctors confirmed the cut was deep and required stitches from a cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Anirban took the case. During that situation, along with proper treatment, as a mother I was seeking compassion, assurance and positive words to reassure that my son will be all right. Dr Anirban, did all of the above and more.

He was exceptional in his approach for such a small child. He explained to us the emergency at hand and also the way he will treat it. My son got around 12 stitches. It turned out well.

My son has recovered well, the scar left is negligible and is under his supervision for preventive care. Dr. Anirban is *a master of his art* and has been the most compassionate and well/soft spoken person I have met.

A big thanks to him for everything and would definitely recommend him to anyone in need.”