Acne is one of the annoying skin conditions most people experience at one point in their lives. You can get acne in your 30s, 40s, and even beyond. Acne mainly occurs when hair follicles in the skin get clogged by oil and bacteria. Some acne persists for a long time and becomes severe. In that case, you need an acne removal treatment

This treatment involves steroid injection, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peeling that make your skin feel fresh and glowing.

Things you must know before considering acne removal treatment 

Acne treatment mainly targets the causes of acne. But you must be aware of certain things before starting your acne treatment, stated by one of the best plastic surgeons in KolkataLet’s discuss,

  • Your skin will change after acne treatment. So it is advised to use the recommended products. 
  • It may take some time to find the right combination of treatments for you as acne breakout comes in many forms and for a variety of reasons. 
  • Treatments will take time to work. You may also notice skin dryness for 6-8 weeks. But it is normal, and eventually you will notice an improvement in your skin after the treatment. 
  • Don’t use new products after the treatment. Different products can irritate your skin and cause new breakouts. 
  • You may still experience occasional breakouts if you don’t manage your stress, food, and lifestyle habits.
  • Retinol products can dry the skin. So, if you are recommended to use a retinol cream, start slowly. Also, follow the product instructions. 
  • Your old skincare products like face wash and scrubs can make your acne worse. After getting your acne treatment, it is essential to use products that will moisturize your skin without increasing oil production or over-drying your skin.

Ways to get effective results from your acne removal treatment

Here are the skincare habits recommended by best plastic surgeon in Kolkata to get the best results from your acne treatment and prevent further breakouts of acne. So let’s discuss. 

  • Wash your face twice a day with an oil control face wash. 
  • Do not use products that may irritate the skin. Dry skin is more prone to acne.
  • Avoid using a washcloth or sponge that can irritate your skin. Use your fingers instead to apply a gentle cleanser on your face. 
  • Avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Use sunscreen and avoid tanning beds to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. 
  • Shampoo regularly if you have oily skin.
  • Don’t scrub your skin. Scrubbing will cause the acne to flare. 

If you are worried about acne breakouts, consider a licensed plastic surgeon and get best Aesthetic Treatment in Kolkata. 


Skincare is very important to get clear and healthy skin. Even after acne removal treatment, if you are too rough on your skin, breakouts can happen. So be gentle on your skin, and if required consult a doctor and follow his advice. 

Here’s one patient sharing his experience. 

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