Wrinkles and folds are the initial signs of ageing on the face, especially if you are above 40. Ageing is a natural process which happens due to the breakdown of tissues. Moreover, the nature of your skin and sun exposure also plays an important role in sagging and drooping skin. The best plastic surgeon in Kolkata suggests a facelift procedure that reverses your skin’s ageing clock by 8-10 years and tightens your facial tissues. 

What is a facelift? Explains the best plastic surgeon 

A facelift, also called rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure that lifts and smoothes the signs of folds and ageing on the face by removing or repositioning the facial tissues and muscles. Facelift surgeries are individualized depending upon the severity of wrinkles on your face. 

So if you are in your 40s or above and worried about your droopy and sagging skin, you can undergo the best aesthetic treatment in Kolkata according to the requirement of your face. 

During a facelift procedure, your plastic surgeon reconstructs your skin by repositioning the fat and tissues of your facial muscles in the following ways:

  • Removes the excess facial tissues, which make the skin look saggy. 
  • Smooth out folds and creases on the sides of your nose and the corner of the mouth. 
  • It tightens and lifts the facial tissue. 

Pre-operative tips to prepare for a facelift: Explains the best plastic surgeon

If you have decided to have a facelift procedure, it is important for you to prepare for the surgery. The best plastic surgeon in Kolkata suggests tips to help you prepare for the procedure. Let’s know them. 

  • Stop smoking 
  • Avoid consuming alcohol. 
  • Get a blood test done to measure the white blood count to identify if you are prone to having infections and also a red blood count if you are anemic. 
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs as they increase bruises and bleeding. 
  • Avoid applying products without your doctor’s advice 

It is essential for you to prep up for any facial surgery as it will help you to heal quickly and effectively. 

Post-operative care after a facelift: Recommends the best plastic surgeon

After facelift surgery, it is normal to experience swelling for some days, which eventually subsides. The best plastic surgeon recommends the following post-care tips, which you can follow for a quick recovery. 

  • Keep an ice bag on your face for at least three days after the surgery. 
  • Avoid bending or doing any strenuous physical activity as it can increase blood pressure and cause bleeding. 
  • Keep your head elevated to avoid tearing of the stitches 
  • Avoid sun exposure for at least one month 

Before considering facelift surgery, make sure to consult an experienced plastic surgeon to get the best aesthetic surgery and enjoy youthful skin. 

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