Breast implants are artificial prostheses that are surgically implanted into a woman’s breasts. These implants typically consist of silicone shells filled with either silicone gel or saline. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the healing process to achieve optimal results from this procedure. In this regard, the best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata has provided insights into the various stages of recovery along with expert tips to ensure the best possible healing.

Recovery timeline after undergoing breast implant surgery

The typical recovery period for a breast implant procedure ranges from six to eight weeks. Individual experiences vary depending on factors such as age, body composition, health history, and lifestyle.

Right after surgery, women continue to experience the effects of the sedation medications. It is common to experience pain combined with muscle tension in the operated area and dizziness during this period. Doctors prescribe medications to alleviate the pain.

For the first two days post-surgery, prioritize rest. It’s essential for your body to recover strength, so avoid lifting your arms and engaging in unnecessary activities. Taking short walks every few hours is beneficial for promoting blood circulation. Patients are likely to experience soreness and discomfort with minor bleeding around the incision site.

By the third week of the post-operative healing period, patients witness significant progress and gradually resume fifty per cent of their daily activities. It is, however, important to avoid physically strenuous tasks, especially those involving heavy lifting.

By the sixth week, the implanted breasts become secure and start showing visibly appealing results.

Tips to fasten the recovery process after breast implant surgery

Doctors recommend the following tips for women who have undergone breast implant surgery:

  • Keep your incisions dry: It is important to ensure that your incisions remain dry to facilitate faster healing. Hence, when having a bath a few days after surgery, be careful and avoid the incision site.
  • Do not smoke: Adequate blood circulation is crucial for effective wound healing. Smoking inhibits blood flow, significantly hindering the healing process.
  • Wear compression vests: Your surgeon will recommend compression garments to wear in the weeks following surgery to offer support to the newly implanted breasts during the recovery period.

To achieve the desired results from breast implant surgery, the best cosmetic surgeon recommends women to follow the post-operative instructions properly. They must continue to pay follow-up visits to their doctor’s clinic for an assessment of their progress.