Microtia is a condition in which a person is born with one or both ears deformed.The condition can be minor structural issues or the absence of an external ear. It can cause devastating social and functional impairment. Also, if left untreated can even lead to hearing loss, development delays, and cosmetic issues. However, microtia can be corrected using ear reconstructive surgery, said the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata

Causes and signs of microtia: Explains the best plastic surgeon

The exact cause of microtia is still not established. However, according to experts, microtia usually develops during the first trimester of pregnancy. Experts also claim that persistent use of acne medicine during pregnancy can also result in microtia in the unborn child. Another risk factor for microtia is diabetes during pregnancy. 

Microtia is not a genetic disorder and can happen at random, stated a plastic surgeon in the best ear reconstruction clinic in Kolkata

The main signs indicating that you have microtia are:

  • Abnormally formed outer ear
  • Small ear than usual 
  • Missing outer ear. 

Even if you were born with microtia, there is nothing to be worried about. Like any other disorder, microtia can be corrected with ear reconstructive surgery, said the best plastic surgeon. 

How is microtia corrected? Answers the best plastic surgeon

While diagnosing your deformed ear, your plastic surgeon will use an imaging test to get a detailed picture of your ear. Moreover, this test will help identify an abnormality in your ear. 

Depending on your condition and concerns, your doctor will suggest the best possible approach. A well-known plastic surgeon of the best ear reconstruction clinic in Kolkata lays down some of the common approaches to ear reconstruction surgery which are as follows:

  • Reconstruction with rib cartilage: This procedure involves removing the cartilage from the ribs and making a framework that looks like an ear. Then the framework is positioned accordingly near the ear site to create a natural appearance. 
  • Reconstruction with an implant: During this procedure, your plastic surgeon will put implants near your ear and cover them with a flap of skin on the side of the head. 
  • Placement of artificial ear: Here, the deformed ear is removed, and an artificial ear is surgically placed in the bone near the ear site. This approach is generally used when the ear tissue is severely damaged. 


After the surgery, it can take some time for the ear to heal fully. If you face any complications, always consult your doctor and follow their advice. Also, make sure that you undergo an ear reconstruction surgery from licensed plastic surgeon. 

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