Commonly referred to as a nose job, the surgical procedure of rhinoplasty aims to correct any cosmetic issues relating to the nose. It can be done not only for cosmetic but for functional purposes as well. Rhinoplasty surgery in Kolkata is ideal for people who are self-conscious about the look of their nose.

The ageing process

Our age increases with time and not vice versa, which impacts our bodies and looks. With increasing age, the nose goes through changes in shape and size. As elasticity is reduced in the skin, it begins to sag and the structure and cartilage of the nose weaken. These changes may make the nose appear drooping, elongated and having a prominent nasal hump.

Why do older patients seek rhinoplasty?

While the majority of rhinoplasty patients opt for a nose job early in life, usually in their 20s or 30s, to fix a breathing issue or unattractive aesthetic feature, there are few patients who wait until later to undergo surgery. Some of the reasons that middle-aged or older people seek rhinoplasty include the following –

  • Indications of ageing on the nose.

A nose job can reverse the effects of ageing on the nose as well as reshape proportions.

  • Respiratory problems

Structural issues in the nose may lead to difficulty in breathing and functional problems.

  • Addressing aesthetic concerns.

Proportions, shape and structure are essential for an appearance that is aesthetically pleasing. 

Highly skilled plastic surgeons that conduct rhinoplasty surgery in Kolkata lay emphasis in giving personalised plans for naturally pleasing results with utmost safety taken into consideration.

The benefits of a nose job

  • An improved look.

Rhinoplasty corrects flaws like bumps and asymmetry in the nose, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing look.

  • Increase in self-confidence 

With an improved and beautified look, getting a nose job done helps in gaining confidence and self-esteem.

  • Improved breathing 

Correcting structural issues such as a nasal valve collapse or deviated septum breathing is significantly improved.

  • Rectifying birth defects or injuries

Birth defects or injuries caused to the nose can be rectified by the procedure of rhinoplasty, improving respiratory problems and the overall quality of life.

  • Results are long-lasting

The results pertaining to a nose job are permanent which means that benefits can be enjoyed for several years to pass.

  • Customization

The procedure is highly customizable and permits patients to get desired outcomes. It may be either a minor change or a dramatic transformation.


Yes, older people can opt for rhinoplasty after a health assessment and clearance for surgery by a doctor to ensure utmost safety. Rhinoplasty in Kolkata will help you in achieving a straight, sharp and attractive nose. However, choosing the right plastic surgeon is the key.