The vagina is a muscular canal that is an integral part of the female reproductive system. Vaginoplasty refers to a medical procedure that constructs or repairs a vagina. It treats a range of medical conditions and may be a form of gender-affirming surgery. The best plastic surgeon tells us about specific regulations that need to be followed in regard to vaginoplasty in Kolkata.

Do’s and Don’ts of vaginoplasty

An individual’s recovery from vaginoplasty may take a couple of weeks to a couple of months. The recovery time depends on the kind of surgery and the health of the individual. It is a mandate to take care of certain factors like sitting, bathing, activities and diet for swift healing.

The do’s and don’ts concerning vaginoplasty are as follows:


  • Engaging in activities like walking for a short while to improve blood circulation. Relax your body by practising breathing slowly and lying down on the bed for a short duration.
  • Sit on a doughnut ring of the tyre to provide comfort to your body and lower abdomen.
  • Apply ice every hour (15-20 minutes) after the surgery for one week to reduce inflammation.
  • Consume prescribed medications whenever needed.
  • Examining the surgical cuts on a daily basis will help an individual measure recovery post vaginoplasty.
  • The surgeon may suggest the use of a vaginal dilator to stretch the insides of the vagina.
  • Ensure hygienic conditions by keeping the vagina clean and dry till the surgical cuts heal. Use sanitary napkins during bleeding.
  • Stick to a balanced diet. Consume a high-fibre-rich diet like fruits and vegetables to lower the chances of constipation.
  • Keep a spray bottle with you when you urinate. Spraying a small amount of water will provide relief from the pain.

Consult with the highly certified cosmetic surgeon to ensure the best results when it comes to vaginoplasty in Kolkata.


  • Avoid stressful situations. The procedure of vaginoplasty results in swelling, itching and soreness in the vagina. Stress may tend to slow down the healing process.
  • Avoid taking showers for at least eight weeks to reduce the possibility of suture damage.
  • Do not perform strenuous activities such as hiking, running, rock climbing or weight lifting for a duration of six weeks.
  • You must avoid sex, swimming and cycling for three months after the surgery to avoid any damage to the sutures and newly constructed vagina.


To sum it up, vaginoplasty in Kolkata is not only a physical transformation but also an emotional and psychological one. With proper support, vaginoplasty may be considered a transformative journey toward greater authenticity, fulfilment and happiness.