Having moles is a common problem on the skin. You can have moles anywhere on your body and face. Most of the moles do not cause any harm. However, you might sometimes feel insecure because of your facial mole. Removing the mole is a good option if it makes you feel less confident and ugly. But don’t remove yourself. The best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata suggests different procedures to eliminate it. 

Why must you not remove your facial mole at home? 

You may find information on the internet to remove moles by yourself. However, the best cosmetic surgeon asks patients to avoid removing them at home. 

Removing the moles using scissors and blades can increase the risk of infection. It can even leave a permanent scar on the face. Moreover, if the mole is cancerous, cutting the mole can cause the cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body. 

If the mole is causing you irritation and making you feel insecure, you must consult an experienced professional who might use the below techniques to remove your mole within a few days. 

Mole Removal with Radio Frequency 

Radiofrequency mole removal is an aesthetic treatment to remove moles, birthmarks and skin tags. This procedure involves no surgeries and hence there is minimal or no scarring. The treatment uses a thin loop of platinum wire to brush the mole and vaporize it. The platinum wire with radiofrequency coagulates the blood vessels and removes the pigment. 

The procedure is effective and painless. Moreover, the recovery process is fast. Also, there is no scarring after the procedure as only the pigmented tissue is removed rather than the dermis. 

Mole removal with radio frequency takes very little time. According to the opinion of the best cosmetic surgeonthere are no such complications after the procedure. 

Mole Removal with Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen is a non-invasive technique to remove moles and rejuvenate the skin. During this procedure, the plasma pen is held above the mole without touching it. The plasma energy generated penetrates deep into the skin, causing the mole to drop off quite easily. 

Just like radio frequency procedure, a plasma pen technique is also effective and safe. Moreover, it is a quick treatment. The moles, once removed, will also not come back. 

If you are considering removing your mole, make sure to undergo the above aesthetic surgeries under the guidance of a licensed professional to achieve the desired results.


In case you feel that the mole is interfering with your self-confidence, it is best to visit a cosmetic plastic surgeon for a safe removal. 

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