There can be a sudden change in your face shape resulting from a broken or fractured nose. A broken nose results from a break or cracks over the nasal bridge and the nearby cartilage, especially the septum. A person may remain unaware of the broken or fractured nose until it heals with a slight deformity. A rhinoplasty surgery may help in that case, in reshaping your deformed nose. 

What does a rhinoplasty surgery do?

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery to reshape your nose. This surgery is also called a “nose job.” This procedure can also be operated if you want to correct the following condition, said the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata

  • Correct a deviated septum 
  • Correct a nose that looks crooked as a result of a fracture 
  • Fix the nostrils that are too wide or small or turned upward. 
  • Remove any bumps on the bridge of the nose.

Rhinoplasty procedure for a broken nose

A rhinoplasty procedure is often called a nose job. During this procedure, the nose cartilage or bone is modified to reshape your nose, said the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata

Before the procedure, your plastic surgeon will take photos of your nose from different angles to know how much cartilage or bone in your nose needs to be modified to give it a proper shape. 

You will be given anesthesia before your surgery starts. During the rhinoplasty surgery, your surgeon will cut between the nostril to separate the bone and the cartilage. Reshaping your nose requires the addition of cartilage, said a top aesthetic surgeon in KolkataSo your plastic may take cartilage from your ear. If required, your surgeon may recommend a bone graft or a bone implant. 

Ways to speed up the recovery process after rhinoplasty surgery

There are a few things that you can do to recover from your rhinoplasty surgery smoothly and effectively. One of the best plastic surgeons recommends some of the following tips:

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions and take your medications regularly to prevent infection. 
  • Keep your head elevated for at least six nights after the surgery. 
  • Use a cold compress on your cheeks to reduce swelling. Be careful not to apply the compression directly on your nose as it can shift the cartilage and bones. 
  • Avoid wearing glasses as they can put pressure on your nose and cause additional bruising and swelling. 


If you are worried about your broken or fractured nose, you can visit the top aesthetic surgeon in Kolkata to improve the appearance of your nose. 

Patient experience 

Here is one of the patients named sharing his experience. 


“He is a doctor with golden hand and a golden heart. He is very passionate about his work and as we know if you love your work you deliver the best and he always give his best. I was having ugly skin tags over my necks which he removed very smoothly and painlessly with the help of Laser therapy without leaving a scar…. This is just a small procedure he has done but I know his competency to do much more complicated cosmetic surgeries with the best result you can expect from anyone…. I wish him all the best”