Full body contouring surgery is a medical procedure that aims to reshape uneven areas of the body. This surgery is best suitable for patients who have experienced massive weight loss and, as a result, have started experiencing sagging skin. During this procedure, a plastic surgeon removes excess fat deposits from the body and tightens the skin. 

What does full body contouring surgery do? 

When is full body contouring surgery required? Let’s hear from the best plastic surgeon In Kolkata

  • Removing the excess fat deposits. Full body contouring is recommended to remove the excess fat deposits from body parts like thighs, arms, stomach. 
  • After sudden weight loss. When obese people suddenly lose weight, their body starts looking loose and saggy. In that case, full body contouring procedure is recommended to lift the sagging areas of the body. 
  • Full body contouring can be done in women who gain weight near the buttocks and abdomen post pregnancy. This surgery can reshape those body parts and help you get the desired appearance. 

Pros of undergoing full body contouring surgery 

The best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata explains some benefits of full body contouring. 

  • This surgery targets many parts of the body. For instance, a lower body lift will remove excess skin from the thighs and midsection, giving an aesthetic appearance. 
  • It is a safe and trusted surgery. The techniques used in this surgery involve no major risks or complications. A certified plastic surgeon in Kolkata will help you decide which body contouring surgery will work for you and guide you accordingly. 
  • Body contouring surgery gives long-lasting and permanent results 
  • Stubborn fat deposits beneath the upper arms and lower abdomen can be easily be removed using body contouring procedures and to get a more sculpted look. 

Recovery process after full body contouring surgery 

After undergoing the full body contouring procedure, it is important to know about the recovery process. Recovery times usually vary according to the type of surgery performed. In general, it may take some months to heal completely and effectively. 

You might experience discomfort and pain during the first few weeks following the surgery. But it is normal, and you will be prescribed medication to get relief from the discomfort, said the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata. 

You may also need to wear compression garments which will aid in the healing process by decreasing swelling near the incision area. Moreover, the scars will also fade over time. 


When diet and exercise are not working for you, full body contouring surgery is the best option. But always undergo body contouring procedures from board-certified plastic surgeons for safety and assurance of the procedure. 

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