Labiaplasty, also known as vaginal rejuvenation, is a cosmetic procedure to modify the labia minora(inner lips) or the labia majora(outer lips ). This procedure is mainly done for cosmetic purposes. However, there are medical reasons as well for undergoing this treatment. This procedure is increasing its popularity day by day and thousands of patients undergo this procedure either for aesthetic reasons or alleviating physical discomfort, says an aesthetic surgery specialist in south Kolkata

Why is labiaplasty done? 

There are many reasons why a woman may consider labiaplasty. An aesthetic surgery specialist in Kolkata discusses some of them. 

  • To reduce physical discomfort: Enlarged labia can rub against the skin and cause irritation. Prolonged and persistent irritation can cause physical discomfort, infections and hygiene problems. 
  • To improve sexual intercourse: Protruding labia can interfere with a woman’s ability to engage in sexual intercourse. For instance, it may cause pain and she might experience difficulty in reaching orgasm. 
  • Psychological impact: Some women may feel distressed over the appearance of their vulva. This can affect their self-confidence, thereby affecting their physical intimacy and emotional well-being. 
  • Difficulty in doing physical activity: Protruding labia prevents a woman from performing certain physical activities. For example, the labia may become sore rubbing against each other while driving a bike, running or hiking. 

Are you a good candidate for labiaplasty? 

If you experience discomfort due to the size of your labia, you may consider this aesthetic treatment in Kolkata under the guidance of experienced plastic surgeons. But before procedure, there are certain factors that your doctor will consider to determine if you are the ideal candidate. 

  • You must in good health condition 
  • You have realistic expectation 
  • You must refrain from vaginal intercourse for at least 6 weeks after the surgery 
  • You must be able to follow the post-operative instructions of the doctor. 

How soon can you recover? 

The recovery time after the procedure varies from patient to patient and it depends on the individual’s overall health and how well they follow the post-operative instructions. 

Immediately after the surgery, you might experience swelling, bruising and discomfort. Your aesthetic surgery specialist in south Kolkata may prescribe pain medications to manage the condition. You may also be required to apply ice packs and wear loose-fitting clothes to reduce swelling and discomfort. During the initial recovery process, you are suggested to avoid strenuous physical activity for some weeks. 

Moreover, you are advised to attend all the follow-up doctor’s appointments to monitor your wound care and gradually resume your daily activities. 


If you are considering labiaplasty, make sure to consult an experienced plastic surgeon for proper guidance and advice. 

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