Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of the labia. Enlarged labia often cause discomfort and pain and also make sex less pleasurable. Hence women decide to undergo labiaplasty surgery to address the above issues.

Is it better to get labiaplasty before or after pregnancy? This is the most common question which might come to your mind regarding this procedure. Well, one of the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata answers this question. 

Should I have labiaplasty before pregnancy? Answers best plastic surgeon

It is true that labiaplasty changes the tissue shape of the labia. But the question is, does it affect childbirth? 

The best plastic surgeon states that labiaplasty does not pose any risk to women in pregnancy. This procedure also does not stop you from conceiving or delivering. 

The vagina is an elastic organ and can expand and contract. Labiaplasty does not cause any hindrance to the functions of the vagina. After the procedure, the basic functions of the vagina remain intact. As a result, it is safe to get labiaplasty before pregnancy. 

In fact, women can actually be benefitted from this female genital treatment as enlarged tissue can cause discomfort and lead to issues during intercourse. In that case, labiaplasty before pregnancy is worth undergoing. You can be assured that labiaplasty will not affect your conception in future. 

Should I have labiaplasty after pregnancy? Answers best plastic surgeon

Post-pregnancy, a woman’s body shape goes through many changes. The vagina is such an area that undergoes significant changes causing aesthetic issues and discomfort. After childbirth, the vagina goes through a strain both inside and out. This leads to stretching and tearing of the labia resulting in a change in its appearance. 

If you choose to get labiaplasty before childbirth, the results might change after delivery. Hence many women prefer to get this aesthetic treatment after pregnancy. Labiaplasty reduces the size of the labial tissue and reduces friction. It help women feel more comfortable and confident while wearing tight clothes and during sexual intercourse. 

You are advised to wait at least six months following childbirth before undergoing a labiaplasty procedure, said the best plastic surgeon. You will get enough time to heal and the swelling to dissolve. 

Recovery after labiaplasty 

After labiaplasty, you will likely experience some soreness and bruising. It is normal and the swelling will eventually go away after some time. You can return to your daily activity after a few weeks, said the best plastic surgeon.

However, you must refrain from engaging in sexual activity during the recovery period. Moreover, if you experience any bleeding, you must talk to your doctor and discuss your concerns. 


Always undergo female genital treatment under the guidance of a certified plastic surgeon to have a safe and successful surgery. 

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