Stapler circumcision is an advanced surgical procedure designed to remove the penile foreskin, a thin layer that envelops the tip and head of the male sex organ. This procedure is recognized for its safety and quicker recovery period and is conducted using a specialized device called the circular ZSR anastomotic stapler.

This cosmetic surgery is suitable for males across various age groups, including infants, adolescents, young adults, and older men. It is recommended for men who have penile conditions such as phimosis, where the foreskin cannot be retracted, or balanoposthitis, characterized by inflammation of the tip of the penis and foreskin. Below, the best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata has explained this procedure in detail.

Essential diagnostic tests

Doctors recommend the following diagnostic tests to identify signs of pain, inflammation or infection around the tip of the penis.

  • Urinalysis: This laboratory examination evaluates the appearance, concentration, and contents of the patient’s urine.
  • Tissue culture: If there is any discharge from the penis, it is collected and analyzed to detect signs of bacterial or fungal infection.
  • Blood tests: Sometimes, the patient undergoes blood sugar tests so that doctors can evaluate their overall health.


Doctors can use either general or local anaesthesia before conducting this male genital surgery. After the surgical site becomes numb, the penis is disinfected, and incisions are made to fit the stapler over it. The device is then activated, removing the foreskin and closing the incision with a silicone ring. Next, it is unscrewed and taken off. To prevent any bleeding, doctors apply a compression bandage around the wound. The patient is then shifted to a recovery area for postoperative observation.

What to expect?

Patients are discharged on the same day, generally within a few hours after completion of the procedure, allowing them to rest at home. A follow-up appointment with the doctor is necessary two or three days post-surgery for the further inspection of the wound. During this visit, doctors remove the compression bandage, look for any signs of infection or bleeding to determine if any further medical intervention is required. If the wound heals as expected, the doctor will keep it exposed for optimal recovery. The silicone ring placed on the penis naturally comes off within ten to fourteen days as the incision heals. 
The best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata advises patients who have undergone stapler circumcision to avoid strenuous activities like weightlifting or running, as these can strain the muscles surrounding the penis and hinder faster recovery. Patients must adhere to the instructions of their doctors to ensure effective healing.