Stapler circumcision refers to the removal of the penile foreskin by a minimally invasive procedure that is safe, quick and efficient. A circumcision stapler is used during the procedure. The diagnostic tests that are required for stapler circumcision differ based on whether surgery is a medical necessity or not. Usually, patients undergo circumcision either for aesthetic or religious reasons. Therefore, only a health checkup is required before the surgery for these patients. Know more about the procedure of stapler circumcision surgery in Kolkata and its benefits.


The surgical procedure is an advanced circumcision procedure that is performed under anesthesia, which may be local or general. However, local anesthesia is often preferred. 

Once anesthesia has been administered to numb the area, the penis undergoes disinfection. Following that, the surgeon carefully positions the circumcision stapler over the glans, also called the head of the penis, with the foreskin fitted into the device. 

It is important to properly fit the device on the penis to prevent the foreskin from tearing and ensure that the penis glans and surgical blade do not come in contact. Once this is done, the stapler is triggered, which means that the foreskin is removed and the incision is closed by using a silicone ring simultaneously.

At the final stage, the device is removed by unscrewing and gauze is applied on the penis to stop the occurrence of any bleeding. Using a compression bandage, the wound is dressed and the patient is moved into the recovery room for observation. The procedure of Stapler Circumcision Surgery also reduces the risks of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).  


The potential advantages of stapler circumcision include the following –

  • Less time consuming

The process of stapler circumcision is usually outlined as quicker in comparison to traditional methods. 

  • Less bleeding

During circumcision, using a stapler device aids in the effective control of bleeding compared to the other methods. This results in reducing blood loss in the circumcision process.

  • Suture-Free 

It does not involve stitches to close the wound. Instead, stapler circumcision utilises absorbable staples in securing wound edges. So, suture-related complications are not present and no future appointments are required for removing sutures.


In conclusion, stapler circumcision gives a modern approach compared to traditional circumcision practices. The procedure of stapler circumcision surgery in Kolkata represents an appreciated advancement in the techniques of surgery regarding male circumcision, offering both procedural success and patient satisfaction.