Stapler circumcision refers to a minimally invasive procedure which is used for the safe, quick and efficient removal of the penile foreskin. Read on to learn more about stapler circumcision surgery in Kolkata and its advantages.

During the surgical procedure, the stapler is placed over the penis, and once fired, it eliminates the foreskin in one swift motion closing the incision using either a silicone ring. Since the quantity of foreskin to be eliminated is predetermined in the procedure, it is very safe and provides the appropriate results for both the patient and the surgeon as well.


The diagnostic tests that are needed for a stapler circumcision may vary on the basis of whether the surgery is medically necessary or not. Basically, individuals get circumcised for cosmetic or religious purposes. For these patients, only a general health checkup is needed before undergoing the surgery. Circumcision is also recommended for medical reasons if there is any pain, infection or inflammation near the tip of the penis. However, to determine that, the cosmetic surgeon may perform a few diagnostic tests as follows:

  • Urinalysis

This refers to a laboratory test to check the appearance, concentration and contents of the individual’s urine to find out if the patient has UTIs or kidney problems.

  • Tissue culture 

In case of any discharge, then it is cultured and inspected for symptoms of bacterial or fungal infections.

  • Blood tests

The patient may need blood tests such as random blood sugar or bleeding tests, if they have any health issues.

The procedure of stapler circumcision surgery in Kolkata also lessens the risks of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Benefits of stapler circumcision

The following are the advantages of stapler circumcision:

  • Improved appearance

A stapler circumcision surgery may result in a cleaner as well as more aesthetically pleasing circumcision scar.

  • Reduced risk of complications

Staples may give a more secure closure when compared to traditional circumcision procedures. This aids in reducing the risk of postoperative complications like an infection or excessive bleeding.

  • Less discomfort 

Patients have reported less pain and discomfort during and after a stapler circumcision surgery.

  • Potential for increased sexual satisfaction

Individuals have reported improved sexual sensitivity and satisfaction following stapler circumcision surgery because of the removal of excess foreskin.

  • Better hygiene

Having a circumcision may enhance genital hygiene.


To conclude, the procedure of stapler circumcision surgery in Kolkata represents an appreciated advancement in the techniques of surgery regarding male circumcision. The recovery steps involved in a stapler circumcision in both children and adults are almost the same but in children, recovery is much quicker.