Breast augmentation enhances the shape and size of the breast. Learn more about why it’s done from the best breast enlargement doctors.

Why is a breast augmentation done?

Individuals opt for breast augmentation surgery to address specific cosmetic concerns. Below, the best breast enlargement doctors in Kolkata have discussed why this procedure is done.

Reasons why breast augmentation is done

  • Increase in breast size: The main reason why most women seek breast augmentation surgery is to enhance their breast volume and achieve a proportionate size. Some individuals might feel dissatisfied with smaller breasts or experience alterations in their size due to aging, weight loss and pregnancy. This makes them opt for this procedure to attain their desired aesthetics. 
  • Correction of asymmetrical breasts: Many women have asymmetrical or uneven breasts, where one breast is differently shaped or visibly smaller than the other. Breast augmentation can correct this asymmetry, creating a more balanced appearance. 
  • Restoration after weight loss and pregnancy: Pregnancy and weight loss can cause changes in the firmness, shape and size of breasts. Breast augmentation helps restore the lost volume that women might have experienced due to these life changes.
  • Improvement of body image and self-confidence: For some women, having small breasts can significantly impact their body image and self-confidence. Breast augmentation surgery can boost their self-esteem, leading to great satisfaction with their appearance. 
  • Correction of congenital defects: Some individuals have congenital defects or deformities that affect breast development. Augmentation surgery helps improve the appearance of the breasts by correcting such issues. 
  • Reconstruction after injury or mastectomy: Breast augmentation is a significant part of reconstruction for those who have undergone mastectomy (surgical removal of one of their breasts or both) due to breast cancer or have experienced some injury in that area. The procedure not only restores their natural-looking appearance but also aids in the psychological and emotional recovery of these patients.

Patients who want to transform their look by undergoing breast augmentation surgery must reach out to the best breast enlargement doctors in Kolkata. This will help ensure the safety and success of the procedure. By following their post-operative instructions, patients can get satisfactory results. 

Whether it’s for reconstruction or cosmetic enhancement, breast augmentation is a viable option for those wanting to modify the appearance of their breasts. Hence, if you are considering this procedure, seek expert advice from the top plastic surgeons.