What is tummy tuck surgery?

Each year, thousands of women do tummy tuck surgery post delivery to strengthen the abdominal muscles and make the tummy area more firm. However, all pregnancies are not planned, and you may want to have another child, even after having a tummy tuck surgery. But you are unsure whether pregnancy after a tummy tuck procedure is safe or not? Let’s hear what the experts say. 

Pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery: Things you must know 

Here are some things that women need to know if they want to get pregnant after tummy tuck surgery intentionally or unintentionally, says a top surgeon of the best clinic for abdominoplasty in Kolkata.

  • After a prior tummy tuck surgery, you can still get pregnant. Your abdominal muscles will still be able to accommodate a growing fetus. 
  • Pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery is safe for both mother and child. However, the tightened skin may again become loose during the new pregnancy. But you will be able to enjoy a healthy and joyous pregnancy even if you had a prior tummy tuck procedure. 
  • If you are going for a C-section, previous tummy tuck incisions can be utilized, thus avoiding additional scarring. 
  • Tummy tuck surgery results may not be affected by your new pregnancy. Every woman’s body changes differently during pregnancy. If you can control your weight throughout pregnancy, your previous tummy tuck results may almost remain the same. You can still consider a mini tummy tuck procedure even if some skin sagging occurs.
  • If your plastic surgeon knows you still want to have more babies in the future, he will make slight changes in your tummy tuck procedure. This includes repairing less of the abdominal muscles to allow for stretching to accommodate the baby. 

When to schedule a mini tummy tuck surgery post delivery if required?

  • You must wait six months after giving birth to opt for a mini tummy tuck procedure. 
  • If you are breastfeeding, you also need to wait for at least six to seven months before undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. 
  • If you have any pregnancy complications, then also you must wait for some months before getting a mini tummy tuck procedure.

Always consider the best tummy tuck surgery in Kolkata under the guidance of experienced and licensed plastic surgeons. 


It is important to understand that a woman can still have a safe pregnancy and maintain her tummy tuck procedure results even after getting pregnant.