Burns of the face can also affect the shape of your ear, causing deformation in the shape of the pinna or the ear lobe as a result of damage to the cartilage and scarring in the tissues of the ear lobe. Moreover, deformity in the ear can also occur in the later stage due to the development of scars, even though there might be minimal damage to the cartilage. However, post-burn ear deformation can be corrected with the right procedure, stated the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata.  

In this blog we will discuss the treatment options for post-burn ear deformation. 

How can post-burn ear deformity be treated? Explains a plastic surgeon 

As per the opinion of a plastic surgeon, reconstructing the shape of the burned ear can be complex. There are multiple procedures to treat post-burn ear deformation. Some of the treatment options are indicated below:

  • Autologous rib cartilage

This is one of the preferred treatment options by most plastic surgeons to reconstruct a deformed ear. During this procedure, cartilage from the ribs is taken and a three-dimensional sculpture resembling the shape of an ear is created, which is then placed under the skin of the deformed ear. 

One of the main advantages of this treatment is that it has a lower risk of infection as the patient’s own tissue is used. 

  • Secondary reconstruction

Secondary ear reconstruction is performed when other surgical operations fail or there is severe ear injury, say experts of the best ear reconstruction clinic in Kolkata

Before the procedure starts, the patient is sedated and the damaged cartilage is removed. Then your plastic surgeon will perform scar excision near the area where the cartilage framework was banked during the first stage. 

The procedure is then followed by skin grafting from the hip region and the deformed ear is elevated using the skin graft. 

  • Alloplastic reconstruction

This procedure involves fewer surgical operations and is less complicated. Here, silicone or saline implants are used to correct the shape of the ear which is surgically placed near the region of the deformed ear. Sometimes, alloplastic reconstruction is performed along with autologous fat grafting to get a natural appearance. 

  • Tissue expansion

 Tissue expansion is a procedure where the area of the damaged skin near the ear site is increased. During the operation, plastic surgeons place a balloon near the temporal area behind the ear and saline solution is slowly injected to inflate the balloon and expand the area of the deformed skin so that more skin is created. Over time, the mastoid skin tends to match the actual ear skin. 


Always make sure to undergo the above reconstructive procedure under the guidance of a qualified plastic surgeon who has the expertise to perform the above procedures. 

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