Belly fat can be a persistent problem for many people despite diet and exercise. For those looking to achieve a flatter and more toned midsection, belly fat removal surgery or tummy tuck can be an effective solution. The surgery procedure involves removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen to create a smoother and contoured appearance for both men and women.

If you are considering stomach fat removal surgery, you may have some questions about the procedure. In this blog, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this procedure to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

Some common question about belly fat removal surgery

Who is a good candidate for belly fat removal surgery?

Good candidates for this surgery are individuals who have excess fat or loose skin in the abdominal area that has not responded to diet and exercise. This procedure is typically recommended for individuals who had significant weight loss, pregnancy or have excess skin and fat in the abdomen that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise alone.

How is the surgery performed?

The specifics of the procedure may vary depending on the individual case but generally, tummy tuck surgery involves making incisions in the abdominal area and removing the excess fat and skin. Before the surgery, you will be given anesthesis to numb the area. In some cases, muscle tightening is also performed. 

How long does recovery take?

Most patients return to their daily activity within 2 weeks. However, strenuous activity and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks.

How long do the results last?

The results of abdominal fat removal surgery can be long-lasting especially with proper diet and exercise. It is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the return of excess fat or skin in the abdominal area.

What should you consider- belly fat removal surgery or liposuction?

Tummy tuck procedure involves removal of excess skin and fatty tissues from the abdominal area as well as tightens the abdominal muscles. 

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that targets the removal of fat deposits in various areas of the body including the thighs, hips, abdomen. 

Will I have scars after the procedure? 

You will experience scars after tummy tuck surgery depending on the size of the incisions. The scars may be noticeable in the early stages of healing but will gradually fade over time.


If you are considering tummy tuck surgery, always consult an experienced and certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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