Nowadays, plastic surgery procedures are less invasive and do not involve many cuts and wounds, says the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata. Still, there are certain precautionary measures for your skin that your doctor will advise you to follow to get back to your normal life. 


How to look after your skin after plastic surgery? Here’s what the best plastic surgeon says 

After having plastic surgery, it is important to take care of your skin to improve the health and appearance of the skin. For quick recovery and best results, it is essential to take care of your skin at least for a few weeks after the surgery. The best plastic surgeon in Kolkata lists some recovery tips after the procedure you can follow. Let’s discuss this.


  1. Give yourself some time to rest during the first week of the recovery period. Let the healing process take some time. Try to avoid stressful work and be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions.
  2. After the surgery, you may experience pain and discomfort for one or two days. Compress ice packs on your skin gently and be sure to change your ice packs frequently.
  3. Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Having a nutritious, high calorie diet like fish, organic meat, eggs, nuts and quinoa will help you to prevent tissue damage. 
  4. Drink plenty of water to help replenish the fluids lost during the surgery.
  5. Avoid sun exposure, as it can damage your skin tissue. Too much exposure to the sun will also dehydrate you. Apply sunscreen or cover your skin to get protection against UV rays. 
  6. You must avoid makeup and nutraceuticals for at least a week after the surgery. You are advised to apply make-up only after your epidermis gets healed.
  7. To keep your skin clean use mild, hypoallergenic cleaners and face wash. Also, use fragrance-free moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated. 


Everyone’s skin is different and requires different care and precautions. Make sure you receive the best aesthetic treatment in Kolkata, where there are certified surgeons to guide you. 


How long does it take to heal from plastic surgery? Explains the best plastic surgeon

The healing process is different for different patients. But in general, patients take around 6-8 weeks to heal from plastic surgery, and most of the swelling starts to diminish in 2 weeks after the surgery. However, the scars take some time to disappear. After the surgery, patients should discuss with their best plastic surgeon about their recovery measures and follow them accordingly. 



When recovering after plastic surgery, be patient and rely on your surgeon to guide you. If you take care of your skin, healing will take less time, and your skin will become more supple and healthy.