Lip reduction surgery reduces the size and alters the shape of your lips. During a lip reduction, small surgical cuts are made along the inside of the lips and excess tissue is removed. The surgeon may perform this procedure on the top lip, bottom lip or even both areas. The finest plastic surgeon in Kolkata tells us about what factors indicate suitability for lip reduction surgery.

Factors indicating suitability for lip reduction surgery

Here are the following factors indicating suitability:

  • Excessive lip size

Individuals with disproportionately large lips due to genetics may be suitable for lip reduction surgery. This procedure may help create a more balanced and harmonious facial appearance by reducing the size of the lips to better match other facial features.

  • Functional concerns

In some cases, absurdly large lips may interfere with normal activities such as eating, speaking or playing wind instruments. Lip reduction surgery can address functional concerns by lessening the proportion of the lips to improve comfort and functionality.

  • The desire for aesthetic improvement

People who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their lips due to their size or shape may choose to undergo lip reduction surgery to achieve their desired aesthetic goals. This may include reducing the volume of the lips, reshaping the lip contours or improving lip symmetry.

Lip reduction surgery can be considered as the best aesthetic treatment in Kolkata for those individuals wanting to reshape their lips.

  • Consultation with a plastic surgeon

The best way to determine candidacy regarding this procedure is to schedule a consultation with the highly certified aesthetic surgeon who specialises in facial procedures. During the consultation, the surgical expert will evaluate the individual’s lip anatomy, discuss their goals and expectations as well as determine whether lip reduction surgery is the most appropriate option to achieve the desired results.

  • Good overall health

Like any surgical procedure, to avoid any risks, it is important for individuals to be in good overall health. Individuals must be free from any underlying medical conditions so that the risk of any complications do not arise during or after surgery.

  • Realistic expectations

An individual opting for lip reduction surgery must have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure. While lip reduction may enhance the appearance of the lips and improve facial harmony, it is crucial to understand that the outcomes may vary and that complete symmetry or perfection may not be achievable.


To sum it up, a person with disproportionately sizable lips, experiencing functional difficulties or seeking aesthetic improvement, may be considered fitting for lip reduction surgery after consultation. Consider visiting the leading plastic surgeon in Kolkata for personalised treatments tailored to suit individual needs.