Suffering a burn is traumatic enough, especially when there is a chance of the formation of scars. Although scars can heal naturally, they can be painful. Moreover, scars are also reminders of the traumatic event and cause embarrassment to the patients. Also, the treatments for removing the scars can prove to be ineffective as thickened scars are difficult and often result in reoccurrence.

But there is nothing to worry about anymore. A well-known skin laser treatment specialist in Kolkata suggests laser treatment which can help in fading burn scars. 

How does laser treatment work for removing scars? Explains a skin laser treatment specialist

Laser treatment is most effective for removing thickened and raised burn scars. These scars may be uncomfortable and cause emotional distress, especially if they are located on the visible areas of the body, such as the face and the neck. 

Laser treatment softens the burn scars and causes less itching. The procedure fades the appearance of the scars and also improves the functional disabilities in the body caused due to scarring, said the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata. 

During the treatment, you will be sedated using anesthetic so that you cannot feel any pain. Your surgeon will make microscope holes in the tissues of the scars with the help of CO2 laser. These small holes reduce the development of scar tissue and make the scars look more natural. CO2 laser treatment is best for fading the appearance of the scars. 

However, the number of laser sessions required varies from patient to patient and will depend upon the darkness and severity of the scars, stated the best laser treatment doctor for face.  

After the treatment, your skin will look lighter and red. You might experience bruising and swelling, but it will eventually subside after some time. 

The healing process of laser treatment is much quicker as compared to other scar revision procedures. Moreover, the CO2 laser treatment treats new, old, hypertonic scars. 

What to expect after the procedure? Explains a skin laser treatment specialist

After the procedure, you must follow the post-procedure care tips to heal quickly and effectively. The best plastic surgeon in Kolkata outlines some of the tips which you must incorporate into your daily routine. 

  • Use a cold compress to prevent burning and swelling of the area. 
  • Avoid scratching and scrubbing the treated area. The flakes of skin will fall on their own. 
  • Clean the area with non-fragrance soap and rinse with cold water
  • Avoid hot shower
  • Try to minimize sun exposure after each session. 


Before undergoing a laser treatment, you must consult a certified plastic surgeon who will guide you during and after the treatment. 

Patient Review 

 “He is a doctor with golden hand and a golden heart. He is very passionate about his work and as we know if you love your work you deliver the best and he always give his best. I was having ugly skin tags over my necks which he removed very smoothly and painlessly with the help of Laser therapy without leaving a scar…. This is just a small procedure he has done but I know his competency to do much more complicated cosmetic surgeries with the best result you can expect from anyone…. I wish him all the best”